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since 20.02.2002, 20:02 Andreea Corlan MD professional page. astro CCD images of celestial bodies, measurements, free software bridge games, stories and an application to compute probabilities of honor points and distributions in all other hands given what is known at any point during the game. ClArrhMoS Clinical Arrhythmia Models Simulator. An open source language and simulator for simple cell automaton models of cardiac arrhytmias (some old project). Alexandru Dan Corlan MD, PhD, hobby/professional page. ECGnosis legacy open-source software and hardware blueprints for the acquisition and analysis of long term (24h) ambulatory ECG recordings (`Holter' recordings) (some old project). Medline Trend Reports yearly incidence (number of records) of a PubMed query. Medline Bibtex Medline search with results in BibTeX. pixipol an informal theoretical currency to grossly estimate ammounts in historical currencies, or monetary units used in novels or movies, in any times and places, real or imaginary (that have any currencies associated with them). TeXability short, demonstrative examples of capabilities of the TeX typesetting system. warfarissimo an online simulator of the action of anticoagulants that block vitamin-K (drugs that reduce the ability of the blood to clot, such as warfarin or acenocoumarol). Romanian version of this page.